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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TMI Tuesday

Too Much Information Tuesday!

Sure, Betty looks cute.

Kissable even.

But what a lot of peoples don't know is there's danger in them kisses..

Hows do I put this?

Betty likes to recycle.

Yeah, we know. Pretty gross. Mom said some rescue dogs develop this tasty habit if they've had a tough upbringing, like thinkin' they're not gonna get fed. Or if they gots in trouble for goin' potty.

Mom has tried a lot of different things and Betty is gettin' better. But she still takes this whole recycling thing literally. We thinks she's been talkin' to Stubby too much.

We loves ya Betty. Just leave the lawn sausages alone and we'll all be a lot happier.

Mom was wonderin' if any of our blogger friends had some ideas that she could use to convince Betty recycling is not always a good thing.

Stella and Gunther

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Not so relaxing Saturday

 Excuse me for being on my soapbox.... er I mean flowerpot. 

You'd think we'd be allowed to lay around in the sun all day being it's the weekend.

Might be time to purchase a king sized bed or build us a bigger porch.


Mom says we gotta get a picture with Flat Puglet so he can move on to his next home and spread the word about how great recycled Pugs are.

Ya happy mom? Our bed is gettin' cold. And, look at Betty's ear. You know what that means... she needs her naps.

It didn't stop there. She though it'd be nice to get a picture with my sweetie Flat Brutus. He's raising awareness for The French Bulldog Rescue Network. I'm not complaining, but it'll sure be nice to take a picture with the real Brutus.

Are we done yet? I thinks my tongue is gettin' sunburned.

I thought when mom put the picture taker away, we were free to go about our business of sleeping and chasing butterflies.

Oh my Pug, I was so wrong! Mom announced it was spa day!

Despite my efforts to hide,

Maybe she won't find me.

I was whisked off to the de-stinking chamber.

Mom, are you going to mark this post X-rated?  I'm naked in here! This should be for Brutus' eyes only...

I can't type with wet paws, so I'll say goodbye for now. 


Monday, March 22, 2010

Wild Flowers with Flat Puglet

Today we set out on a road trip to the California Valley in search of wild flowers.  We weren't quite sure why we had to drive 2 hours just to look at flowers. Maybe it's because Betty ate all of mom's flowers out of the yard. Who knows.

Betty, we're never going to get back home if you keep that up! You're supposed to stick out your thumb to hitch a ride, not your tongue!

Along the way, we happened upon an old barn with a bright yellow door. Against our advice, mom thought it would be fun to stop and explore. Inside was an old, beat-up Airstream with what looked like the original owner's belongings in it. There were even old dusty clothes hanging in the closet. Mom got a little spooked that she was gonna find a skeleton or something. 
Instead, she found Flat Puglet... BOL!  We thought it would be neat to take Flat Puglet with us on our wild flower adventure.

That looks like the Flat Puglet ghost of the Airstream past... MOMMY!

After exploring the abandoned barn, we finally made it to the land of the wild flowers. We don't think Betty has ever seen so many flowers cause she couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear.

It was quite beautiful. So many flowers, so little time for Betty to eat them all...

Nom nom nom

We convinced Betty to stop grazing for one decent picture,

but it didn't last long.

I wonder if people will think we're related. Oh my Pug I hope not!

Sorry Flat Puglet, we really tried to get a group shot,

What the Pug is she doing now?

It just wasn't in the cards.

YEEEEE HAWWW! All I need is a strong gust of wind and I can use my ears and lips for lift off!

I have only one thing left to say about today...

If you get an opportunity to view the wildflowers, take it. 
They're simply craptastic.

 Feels kinda funny to poop with a flower tickling my butt.

Gunther, Stella and Betty

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pug rescued from shelter needs our help.

This little girl was rescued by Pugs 'N Pals today from the Carson Shelter. She is in desperate need of donations in order to give her the needed treatment to save her life.  

 Carina is only 6 months old and probably has the worst case of mange Pugs 'N Pals has ever seen. She is fighting a  wide spread infection, has pus coming out of every part of her body and is covered in ticks and fleas.  In addition, she will probably lose her left eye due to an ulcer that is also infected. Her right eye does not look much better and up until now, it is undetermined if she has any vision.  Poor Carina is on medication to help her deal with the tremendous amount of pain and discomfort she is in.

If you can help, please send a donation to:

Pugs 'N Pals
c/o Carina's Fund
P.O. Box 9343
Newport Beach, CA 92658 

OR through Paypal:

Thanks for your help everyone!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Betty's PSA

In a nutshell, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for the caring and hardworking volunteers at the 

They saved me from a life of being kept in a small cage in someone's backyard. I was left alone to suffer through seizures during extreme weather conditions.  

Now I'm living in a home where people love me and take me to a vet that through his care and devotion to giving me a good life, has kept me seizure free since I arrived.

Again, none of this would be possible without the

They're having an Easter Basket raffle (in case you didn't know) to raise funds for the many more Frenchies that have come into their care.

Just recently, 6 Frenchies were rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri. One of them named Tandy still bears the scar of her ordeal.

Her scar is from having a c-section to remove her puppies from the side.

In case you're thinking "I don't want some Easter Basket filled with candy!" Check out just 2 of them that are up for raffle.

These are not measly Eater Baskets!

Also, if you get a chance, check out Stella's sweetie Brutus.
His mom made a likeness of him called Flat Brutus. He travels the globe to bring awareness and raise money for the French Bulldog Rescue Network. He's pretty cute and doesn't take up much room. Fore each household that hosts him, a donation will be made to the French Bulldog Rescue Network.

So if you're able, It'd really mean a lot to me and Stella and Gunther if you could buy a ticket or two for one of the Frenchie fabulous Easter Baskets, or consider hosting Flat Brutus.

Love and kisses,

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

We all met at the pub...

All of us except for Stella and Betty. They wanted to stay in and have a beer with flat Brutus to celebrate St. Pugtrick's Day.

I tooks the Amtrak train to meet up with Twinkie. I was really nervous going out on a date with my little hot tamale. So Stella gave me a muscle relaxer to helps calm my nerves.

By the time I met up with TwinkieFrankie and his brides to be Ruby and Penny, I was feelin' pretty good.

Twinkie was so sweet to give me a clover. And then she started blowin' in my ear befores we went into the pub. Oh my Pug! I knews I was gonna need a cocktail.

Once inside the pub, Frankie and his harem found a table in the corner to make out and discuss their wedding plans. Twinkie and I found a cozy booster seat for two and started pounding the green beers. That girl can really throw 'em back! I knews right away I was in over my head.

It wasn't long before the real party started. Twink jumped over the bar and bit the bartender in the ankle, sendin' him off to the ER to get stitches. I loves it when she gets physical.  Then, Ruby and Penny fired up the karaoke machine. I was so excited to sing my favorite Journey songs! I've been told a lot that I remind people of Steve Perry...

I hopes I impressed Twink by singin' her love songs.

*burp* Oh, scuse me.  I thinks I'm still a little gassy from all the green beer and chicken wings.

After singin' my heart out for my Twink, Ruby and Penny kinda gave Frankie a hard time for not bein' more romantical. So they sat in the corner and gave him the silent treatment. I didn't thinks that was fair since he's gotta juggle two chicks.

After a couple cups of Irish coffee, the girls warmed back up to Frankie. By then I thinks it was 3:00 a.m., buts to be honest I can't remember much after Twink started dancin' on the tables. I'll I gotta say is 


Uhhhh. Stella and Betty are the bestest sisters. I called them to come pick me up. They also drove Twinkie and Frankie, Ruby and Penny home.... I think. 

I'm going to sleep. Please keep the noise to a minimum.


Worldless Wednesday, St. Pugtrick's Day Style

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flying beasts and bread tins.

After being away on a 'road trip', mom subjected us to the most horrible treatment.

Wonder who I'm giving a piece of my mind to?

It's this persnickety owl that decided to land in MY yard. Guests are by invite only!

Gunther issued a warning to the flying beast.

It wasn't until after I unnecessarily exerted huge amounts of energy telling off this beast, that mom informed me it was a plastic owl.  She said it's supposed to keep other birds from crapping on her car by scaring them away. Well that's just the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I mean, it didn't scare me so how's it supposed to scare other birds...

Just when I thought my weekend couldn't get any worse, mom thought she'd torture me with the picture taker and a hunk of junk she found at a garage sale. I really hope my sweetie Brutus doesn't see me like this.

Flat Brutus was afraid he was next. The poor thing hid in the garden.

It's okay little one, I'll sacrifice my cuteness to spare you.

It's an old bread tin in case you're wondering. I don't see the appeal, particularly when I'm forced to sit in it. 

Then she went crazy and decided it'd be cute to involve Gunther and Betty.

Contain your excitement there Gunther. Wouldn't want you to fall off the tin and break your butt.

Betty took the opportunity to flex her muscles and try out her sexy pose.

I suppose we deserve this punishment after all the trouble we've caused. I just hope Gunther doesn't get himself into more trouble with St. Patrick's Day around the corner. I hear he's supposed to go out on a double, errr I mean quadruple date with Twinkie and Frankie. I think I'm just going to lay low with my Brutus. Anyone else have something fun planned?

Ms. Stella