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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TMI Tuesday

Too Much Information Tuesday!

Sure, Betty looks cute.

Kissable even.

But what a lot of peoples don't know is there's danger in them kisses..

Hows do I put this?

Betty likes to recycle.

Yeah, we know. Pretty gross. Mom said some rescue dogs develop this tasty habit if they've had a tough upbringing, like thinkin' they're not gonna get fed. Or if they gots in trouble for goin' potty.

Mom has tried a lot of different things and Betty is gettin' better. But she still takes this whole recycling thing literally. We thinks she's been talkin' to Stubby too much.

We loves ya Betty. Just leave the lawn sausages alone and we'll all be a lot happier.

Mom was wonderin' if any of our blogger friends had some ideas that she could use to convince Betty recycling is not always a good thing.

Stella and Gunther


McGillicutty said...

Blimey! This is TMI Tuesday!!!! First of all, Stella, you're just too cute in the header pic with the headband that's bigger than yer head!!!

As for Miss Betty... well, me mom said once upon a time before Irish Terriers, she had rescue pugs from sepra. And, Rudy, who's in doggie heaven now, liked to um, recycle. She tried EVERYTHING including that Forbid powder (makes poo taste yucky to the poo-eaters) on all the pugs' food (you have to use that on all the dogs in the home or else she will eat the poo that doesn't taste bad). But, Forbid didn't taste bad to Rudy. The vet told her to use this meat tenderizer (also a powder) in their food and Rudy didn't mind that either.

SO, she took him to a holistic vet, and she hypnotized him. Ha! Just kidding and making sure you're alert! The holistic vet helped him. She said to use probiotics and digestive enzymes (the particular one was called "Canine Support" by Vitality Science--google it), She also uses it on me for me tummy troubles now, and she made me me first appointment with this holistic vet tomorrow. It must be magic or something because it's helping me tummy when nothing else has seemed to work, AND it helped Recycling Rudy!!!

Good Luck with Betty, and me hopes me saved you too, Gunther, me lad, and Stella, me lass AND your hooman mom from "Betty's Begrimed Box" (box is Irish slang for mouth).

Irish Love,

Those Elgin Pugs said...

Well Stell and Gunther...

I'd say you have quite the dilemma. I think Betty was Prolly talking to Stubby about recycling and gots confused. Poor poor Ms. Betty.

Well, I'm not so sure. My sis Izzy eats bunny poops and Mommy even tries to tell her she will turn into a bunny. It doesn't work. I think Stubby may know what to do because he's my smart little Studly Stubby Man.

I may need to look into this matter further. Maybe she just needs a giant cookie. That might do the trick!


Sandra y Coco said...

Uh oh... I like to recycle too! Mom thinks it is because I take a pill of cortisone each day, which makes me hungrier than normal (normal = very hungry) and at the same time I am on a "diet" which means that I eat only 1 cup of kibble and some veggies (plus a lot more that daddy sneaks into my plate) but anyway, regardless of what I eat, I need more! So a lot of the veggies I eat come the other way shredded (ewww) and tasty! Mom has always trouble with me because of this. Good luck girl!

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Thanks McGillicutty! We're going to look into that. Our vet did suggest the Forbid, but the main ingredient is MSG and although we have a great vet who we trust, we don't really like the idea of giving them MSG.

Coco, Betty is taking Potassium Bromide and Phenobarbital for her seizure disorder. Both those medications make her extra hungry too. We're thinking it's an uphill battle. *sigh*

Ronnie said...

That's some smokin' poop. This is a new one on me. I had kids that did this, but never a dog.
Hmm. My first inclination would be to keep Betty well stuffed, but then she may lose her slim figure and that would be a shame.
Another solution would be to can the poop as soon as it hits the ground. Starve that poop eater.

Frankie Furter said...

Wow that is really a problem. Rabbit and tree rat and ground mole poops cause WORMS. I don't think you can get them from your own recycle piles... unless you already have them.
How about ... wearing Pampers??? Just kidding.
Do you know my furends from Doxies with Moxie (Chip and Ginger) Well they have a new brother Thai. He is a rescue guy and he "recycles". You could see what they may know about it.

Pearl said...

Betty girl, you are too cute- even with your poopy mouth!!!

I have no idea if this works or not, but have a look:



Dog Foster Mom said...

Yuck - I know the headache that causes. I tried just keeping the yard picked up immediately, but its tough with multiple pets. Maybe you can find something like "Forbid" without the MSG? Otherwise I'd just give them all that if the vet thinks its okay - it's got to be better than the alternative, especially if Betty likes to give kisses very often! :-)

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi betty!

oh we have had lots of our friends do this. i know it can be a hard habit to break, but we are sure the answer will come to you.

m & e

BRUTUS said...

Yeah, not a problem here, thankfully! I think my poo is just plain gross & hop - sometimes run- away from it as soon as I'm done! No kisses from Betty for me, thank you very much!!

I do know they sell some supplements to help with coprophagia (the fancy term for poo-eating), have you tried any of those or would they interfere with Betty's seizure meds??

Frenchie kisses to Stella (but not Betty LOL)
Brutus the Frenchie

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. And that mug is SO kissable, too. I wish very much I had an answer for you but I sure don't. Mom seems to remember something about adding a little bit of pineapple juice to food. But you might have to do that googly thing for more info.

Too bad there's not a poop-eaters anonymous group she can join.

Wiggles & Wags,

Twinkietinydog said...

Yes, I do because our Linguini's taken on a similar hobby; it involved cat-scat and the attached litter :( We were told to give her yogurt to help stop her cravings and red beans as a diet supplement so she feels more full on barely any extra calories. It's working great for us. I'd still kiss my furiend, do tell her that.

Hank said...

Betty, honey.....now I used tuh like diggin' tootsie rolls outta the cat box, but then she went an' croaked. Dang cat.

Anyhoo, don't go croakin' - just quit eatin' poo!

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Oh Betty I have a bad habit of enjoying the occasional lawn sausage...but ONLY Sequoia's variety. Yeah its a rescue habbit we picked up. Mom just keeps her eyes on me when Sequoia is cooking up some treats. We hope you kick this habbit soon.


Stubby said...

Hi Stella & Gunther! Don't knock it until you try it. Betty is just trying to do her part for Mother Earth and you guys are giving her shit (pun intended) for it. Please leave Betty alone to eat poo because it's better than eating all your mom's flowers!

Stubby xoxo

Diane said...

Oh Betty...how could this be? That sweet little face is that of a recycler? I'm afraid I would just have to kiss you anyway... but probably on the side of your sweet little face instead of the mouth...but I'm not sure because you are so irresistable! Tell your mom she helps you, Stella & Gunther write a fabulous blog!!
I LOVE stopping by!

Tobi said...

The pills I got at PetSmart worked like a charm when Clementine decided that Bluebonnet's poops were to be her snacks throughtout the day. After one bottle she was completely "cured" of the nasty habit.

Mango said...

My Beautiful Raja did the same thing. Sigh. Her vet said it wouldn't hurt her as long as it was just mine and hers and not some strange doggie poop, but it did make her breath a bit, er, stale.

We put some stuff in our foodables to make our poop taste bad but it made us both fart so much that momma couldn't stand to be in the same room.



Yikes! We think it's because your feeding them too much pizza with pepperoni! And he just can't get enough!

Aren't we smart?

Riley and Star.

Benny and Lily said...

Betty take it from a fellow Frenchie, Benny. Try not to leave any, I mean any behind. then momma won't know. I still keep leaving a teeny drop and she catches me.
Benny & Lily

Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Oh no. E tu Benny? Well, at least I'm in good Frenchie company. Wanna make out?


Wilma said...

Oh my, thanks for sharing. She'll kill me for telling but it's in the interest of public service. Brigitte has a motto" If it tastes good the first time, run it through again" She's funny though, she only likes it when it's colder outside. We call them poopsicles. Mommy finds that if she catches her as she's shooting one out, and praises her like crazy...Gooood business Brigitte!!Then she calls her in the house. It has about an 80% success rate. Thoughtfully on Brittes' part, she is very stingy with the kisses. Mom is looking at probiotics as a solution, we'll let you know.

Puglette said...

oh dear, we have no solutions to offer, just sympathies. we have that problem too, especially with ollie. he really love the kittie poo. he doesn't get any hugs and kisses when he has poopie breath.

Debbie said...

Wow - smoking poop. I can relate - I dont mind a bit myself every now and again. From Pugelicious :)

agent99 said...

aw Betty, we still think your cute!

PeeS: We recently found a diaper missing its "contents".....Mom suspects Gen. EEwww. I would never do such a thing - the Foo

Samantha said...

Oh yuck Betty!

The first thing that come to mind is that she is looking for the enzymes, etc found in the poop that she doesn't have enough of.

The second thing is that it is just a really gross habit! If you could restrict her access to the yard, and maybe only let her with a leash on so you can stop her, and make it in her best insterest to LEAVE the poop (with a tasty cookie of some sort). It will prob take a long time before she looses insterest though.

Good Luck!!

Pugs and Kneedles said...

Our bossy sister Poppy does this too! She especially likes the kitty "cookies" -- makes our mommy crazy. It must be a girl thing cuz we don't do it. We're too busy eating the grass and chewing on the sticks. It is fun and it makes mommy crazy -- we love to make mommy crazy.

Ho-Tei, Myoki, Bodhi and Poppy

Tucker said...

BOL!! BOL!! Betty has just gone green. Happy early Earth Day!

woof - Tucker

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I eat poop too, and let me assure you that I was never abused - LOL! I like my food ... a lot. Enough to eat it twice actually. You won't tell anyone, right??

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi All,
Tell Mom to get some digestion pills enzymes. That will take care of the problem!!

Salinger The Pug said...

OMG!!! Mom is all giggly!

Ok, seriously though...we've heard that the pineapple thing works. Just pop a few pieces on ol Betty's breakfast and hopefully it will do the trick!

Keep us posted!


mrsclutch said...

try this- we used it for one of our rescue frenchies and it helped! i don't think there is anything in it that would react with her seizure meds, but i would double check with your veterinarian just in case. (you just sprinkle the powder on her food.)



Stella, Gunther and Betty said...

Thank everyone! And thanks Mrs.Clutch! Our vet recommended the Forbid so I think we're going to go with that for now. We loves our Betty, but there's nothing worse than a ca ca French kiss!