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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vala the flying Dog

At first, I thought mom was pulling our leg (with Gunther, that's not hard to do). A flying dog? But then she explained that Vala flies with her dad in his airplane. And she has her own pink headset so the noise doesn't bother her ears. Mom got a picture of Vala on her most recent flight.

Vala was rescued from a shelter by her dad. She's kinda shy and doesn't take kindly to strangers, so we haven't been formally introduced yet. But mom says she talks about us to Vala all the time when she's doing counting work for Vala's dad.

Yipee for Vala! From the cement floors of a shelter to soaring like an eagle in her dads airplane! Couldn't get any better than that...

Ms. Stella


Hank said...

Yea fer Vala, honey!

Pee Ess: Tell yer bro tuh be lookin' fer a package 'round the middle o' next week!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Holy crap! Where's your chute?
Benny & Lily