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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cleaning up after the Storm

We had quite the storm pass through Morro Bay. Almost 3" of rain poured down on us in 12 hours. And with the driving winds, nothing was safe from getting drenched, even some of our outdoor beds that mom and dad bring in every night and put on our front porch were soaked. Unfortunately, they thought it should be a family event to wash and dry everything out, so we got dragged to the laundry mat. How undignified for a puggie to have to ride around in a laundry cart. Despite our looks of disdain, we still got lot's of attention with pats and kisses.

During the storm, a scary moment happened when a large tree fell into the power lines across the street. Some live power lines were dangling so the fire department was called out immediately to take care of the situation.

Gunther oversaw the entire operation. I'm sure the firemen and police department felt much safer knowing should anything happen, Gunther was there to save the day....

Stella on the other hand, couldn't bring herself to look until all was back to normal.

Mom and dad have just about finished with the clean up. Dad is still outside raking up the last of the leaves and debris. Funny how a storm blows in and creates such damage then leaves as quickly as it comes. We're relaxing now with El Guapo. Now that we can go outside and poop and pee without being blown into the next county, we're quite content.

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Mia said...

Thank you so much for coming to visit me!! It's always fun to make new friends. I can't wait to learn more about you all. It's so nice that your family took in Guapo until he can move with his family. I'm sorry you got that nasty storm. They can do so much damage. Grandma and Grandpa are still fixing their house from a storm they got last year!! Hope things get back to normal soon =)