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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carly spends the day!

We're so happy our human niece Carly came to spend the day with us. She loves it when mom and dad take her out for a drive in their old VW Bus. We kinda like it too in case ya couldn't tell.

Carly's favorite thing to do is spend time with us. Mom and dad joke it's the only reason she comes over. Well duh, isn't that why anybody comes over?

Mom LOVES flamingos. She keeps a couple at the gate to greet guests. Personally, we think they're a little on the tacky side. But eh, who are we to judge? One 'flew' away during the recent storm. Carly was nice enough to bring mom a new one. Gee, thanks Carly...

Carly just can't resist giving Gunther his favorite thing, you guessed it... the plastic water bottle. He can make that thing pop and crackle like no other! Despite how much money mom and dad spend on toys, Gunther will always love his plastic water bottles the best. Go figure.

There's only one thing Stella hate more than running low on food, and that's being ignored when she wants to play!

Uh oh, El Guapo senses trouble. He's a lover and worrier, not a fighter.

Ah, who are we kidding! Let's go inside for a Pug snuggle. Besides, once Gunther chews the cap off the water bottle mom takes it away. Carly can come inside for some lunch and we'll give her the Pug stare down until she gives us a bite.

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