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Friday, February 26, 2010

Gunther's Exercise Hiatus

Yes, it's true. Gunther man is on an exercise hiatus. We'll be taking a little break from bark park...

Excuse me? What is this I'm hearin' about no bark park?

We've been going to bark park everyday and I couldn't help but notice Gunther seems to have a harder time than usual catching his breath while running around with Stella and Mr. Wilson.  This afternoon we had an appointment with Dr. Stephens. We told him about Bandit and the great Pug advice Bandit's mom, Paula posted.  We also showed him a video of Gunther playing and the sounds he makes when he's breathing loudly after running around. 

After watching the video and examining Gunther, Dr. Stephens agreed that there is something going on with his breathing. He got a chest x-ray this afternoon, which ruled out any problems with his lungs so that was good. However it didn't hide the 4 small rocks he ate earlier this morning (don't worry, he always poops them out).  Tuesday he'll go back to the vet to go under anesthesia so they can look at his throat and windpipe with a scope. At that point, Dr. Stephens should be able to see what is causing some of his breathing difficulty while he's exercising. 

So, if everyone could keep Gunther in your thoughts and prayers that he stays safe while under anesthesia and that his upcoming tests show nothing serious. 

We all have a very positive attitude. That is all of us except Gunther. He is extremely upset about missing out on bark park for the next few days...



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What a week Wednesday...

 What a week we're having! So much has been goin' on,  we don't even know where to begin.

I think I'll start with our good buddy Hank. I'm so confused. When did he start dressin' like The Flying Nun?

I'm just so confused...

Anyways, Ms. Betty has a new Frenchie friend! Her name is Roxanne and they are both 2 years old, with their birthday's only 4 days apart.

They really love rippin' around Bark Park together. Kinda like Frenchie NASCAR.

Mom is Betty's pit crew...

And then the highlight of our week was gettin' home baked treats from  Salinger and his mom. Oh my Pug, you can't believe our surprise when our mom opened the box and it was filled to the brim with cookies.

Some of you may not know that Sal and his life partner, Pugsley are planning a summer wedding.

 We figured Sal would be busy driving around to different bridal shops,

 tryin' on wedding dresses and such. Who would have thought he had time to bake?!!

We think Pugsley looks dashing in his Pugorgio Armani Tuxedo.

We LOVES our treats Sal! Are they gonna be on the menu at your reception?

Got any gas busters?

You know how chips are, ya can't eat just one...

Yeah, Stella wants to eat 'em all, but she knows  she's gotta lose a few more pounds before the wedding. She wants to look pugalicious for her Brutus in the new dress she got.

 Hope you all are having a happy hump day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gettin' a Pug out of the Shelter * UPDATE*

Thanks you guys for all the very nice comments. I really think most shelter people are so overworked, they want to do the right thing for the animals and sadly the right thing doesn't always happen. But lucky for "Trixie Dribble Butt" it did! She's incontinent, thus her new name. lol! I ordered her some snazy new panties to wear around the house at the sanctuary so her dribbling won't be such an issue.

Chris, her husband and I were very worried about TDB the first night. Her breathing was SO labored we thought a trip to the ER vet was going to happen. But we all wanted to give her a chance to just settle in and feel safe. By around 11 p.m., Chris said TDB's breathing finally slowed down and she relaxed enough to lay down and fall asleep. By morning she was breathing through her nose, eating like a typical Pug and was making herself right at home. When Chris said "We think she's perfect" it literally brought tears to my eyes. I'm so glad TDB has a place to live out her senior years. She also has a bunch of other seniors to hang out with so she's not alone.  


Mom has what ya call a bleedin' heart.  She can't stand to see a smushy face (or any other animal for that matter) sittin' in jail or sufferin'.  So on Friday, when she saw that our local shelter had a 14 year old pugger, she knew she had to figure somethin' out for him. 
Come morning, mom called the person she knew at the shelter and asked about " number A164855". Her friend said he couldn't be released until Thursday, but mom could come down and put an adoption hold on 'em and visit 'em. Mom was at the shelter door right when they opened to see about the old dude.  Except, the dude turned out be an old broad. Mom said all ya had to do was see that she had a va jay jay.  Minor detail in the big scheme of things though.

This old broad was one very sick and stressed Puggie.  She was partially lame in her back legs and mom was really dismayed to read on her cage card that she had suffered a seizure while at the shelter.  Mom turned to the shelter supervisor and said there was NO WAY she was leaving this Pug here, regardless of when her official release date is.  All the stress of being in the shelter was only going to cause more seizures and that couldn't bode well for a 14 year old lady.

Well, ya gotta love it when humans bag the red tape bull pucky and do the right thing by us. The shelter director made mom an emergency foster for the old broad, and while mom filled out paperwork, they contacted a gal named Chris who runs a local rescue called Nick-e's. It's set up for seniors and special need animals.  The shelter director told them the situation and when she got off the phone, she told mom Chris was on her way to pick up the old Puggie gal. Wonderful!
Mom wrapped our gal in a nice warm snuggie and sat out in front of the shelter for an hour in the warm California sun waitin' for Chris.  Mom figured it was better for Puggie's stress level if she didn't have to listen to all the barking.

A few hours later, and with a new name, Trixie is at the senior sanctuary getting all the love and attention an elderly gal deserves. She's sleepin' in a nice warm home where it's quiet. She might need some extra vet attention, so mom hopes to do some fundraisin' for her and the other animals at the sanctuary.

Mom is pretty sad because she wishes it wouldn't have ended this way for Trixie. She shouldn't have been unceremoniously dumped and left to wander the streets because she got too old or too sick, and then found herself alone and scared in an over crowded shelter.  Sure we're cute as puppies and teenagers, but we get old and we need our families more than ever when we're elderly.

Mom wants us to remind everyone to always consider adoption before purchasing a dog or cat. Adult and elderly pets deserve a second chance and make great family members.

Stella, Gunther and Betty

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soakin' up the sun Saturday!

That's right all my snowed-in friends... Don't be jealous. 
Green is NOT a pretty color on you. 

See how we can make it from the parents bed, to the couch, then to our to our bed outside?...

Betty has some issues. We figurre it's 'cause she's from Ohio and not used to all this sunshine. It's like her kryptonite, it just stops her in her tracks.

YAAAWWWWNNNN..., eeh heem. 'scuse us. 
Stella and Gunther

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Puppy Mill Protestin' and a Coon Hound

Would you take a look at Hank and Ms. Molly O' Mally's mom and her friend Wendy! She's the one on the left in case you're wonderin'. Mom said she was protesting the pet stores that sells puppies from puppy mills.  This is especially touchin' to the parents 'cause their first Pug child came from a puppy mill pet store. He crossed over the rainbow bridge when he was only 1 years old from bein' so sick.  

You tell 'em Ms. Sarah & Wendy!

That's not the only thing Hank and Ms. Molly O' Mally's mom was protesting this week. She was also bitchin' that the Coon Hound always gets the shaft at the Westminster Dog Show. Well the Coon Hound AND the Pug. Hello Ms. Sarah, let's not forget 'bout us!

Anyhoo... mom couldn't believe her eyes (not ears, 'cause Ms. Sarah always sends emails) 'cause the parents had friends stayin' for the long weekend and they brought their Coon Hound, Molly.

We haven't ever seen a Coon Hound  before. So, I had to check under the hood to see what the fuss was all about.

We did a lot of sightseeing with Molly and the parents that really wore me out...

Then,  the parents tried to get us all together for a picture. Molly must not be used to the puperattzi.

Psst, Molly.. Over here.

Work with 'em Molly. Ya wanna be here all day?

Dayum... Molly! Even Betty is impressed with your farting capabilities.

I don't know 'bout these Coon Hounds Ms. Sarah.  


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Paczki Day?

Salinger's mom, Laura, has been wishin' everyone Happy Paczki Day. What the heck was she talkin' about? Of course I was curious so I had mom email her. This is what Laura said,

  "Paczki (pronounced "poonch-kee") is a Polish word for basically a big giant filled doughnut on crack."

Oh. Well that's totally worth celebrating! Everyday should be Paczki day. 

So, anyways...  Mom finally got off her butt and took us to bark park.  Once we got there,  Betty starts gettin' all excited (which is totally not like her, she usually just wants to hang with mom).

OH NO!  Betty, that's not a Paczki! 

Stop her Mr. Wilson, before it's too late!!

 YIKES! I guess no Pug stands between a woman and her Paczki. Exuuussseee me!

 Betty... W A I T!!!...  Doh! Too late.

Yeah, we tried to tell ya that wasn't no Paczki... 

Betty didn't get her Paczki. But on the bright side, we thinks she might have found herself a Valentine...

Chief Butt Sniffer,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

 I can't be with my sweetie Brutus on this most romantical day, so I sent him a picture of myself to remind him of  my cuteness. 

I've been so worried about him. Not only is he pining away for me in a cold, snow covered and pugless existence... his momma has been out of town looking at a bunch of teeth. I think she might be related to Salinger. He must of gotten out of going to the tooth convention so he could keep his date with Pugsley.
 Thankfully, our pal Stubby organized a Valentine's Day card exchange. It helped keep my mind off Brutus. 
We got a lot of really snazzy cards, including one from Gunther's new lady friend, Twinkie. Ain't she a pip? I overheard Gunther talking on the phone to her and telling her he's getting her name tattooed on his arm. *snicker* Good thing she wasn't named after the Hostess Ding Dong...

I must admit my favorite Valentine is from my sweetie Brutus.  The box was so big I was hopeful for a second that he had shipped himself! But Betty did the Frenchie sniff test and confirmed no Frenchie was in the box.

Brutus sent the next best thing. Mi Amore.

I wonder if I pray to the pug father, he'll hear me and soon Brutus and I will be together.

Since I can't convince the parents to ship me back to Brutus, I guess I should be happy I have Gunther for some brotherly love  and comfort...

Many pug kisses and toots.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Lab Pugs

Friday fun day?  I thinks not...  

Betty the bratula needed some 'alone' time with our teacher Nate. He's supposed to help her not act like a hungry hippo when it's time to eat. Yeah, good luck with that Nate.

Stella askin' Nate what it's like to be 9 feets tall.

Meanwhile, the parents thought we'd enjoy spending time at the lab with dad while he tested some grapes. 

Does it look like we're enjoying ourselves?

I didn't think so...

Totally bored,
Gunther and Stella

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who invited this annoying English meathead?

Greetings our somewhat civilized and rather polite blogger friends.  I am still so perturbed about our unexpected visitor yesterday, Stella and Gunther said I could share my complete disgust about him with all of you. His name is Tucker and he was 65 lbs of English fat, drool and rudeness. See for yourself...
"Try not to break our chair you dolt".

"May I suggest a breath mint? Not that I suspect it would do any good"

It didn't take long before I just couldn't take it anymore and insisted that my mom hold me.  But the totally dense didn't get a clue...

"Oh, go away you obnoxious English clown!"

"Do you see the look on my face? This is the look of a woman on the edge..."

Tucker, the English dolt, finally left me alone. And good thing Stella and Gunther have much better skills for dealing with his shenanigans.

 "Yeah, if you know what's good for you Tucker, you'll leave Stella alone. Brutus, (Stella's significant other) is a much more dignified and  handsome Bully than you. Not to mention he's French!"

"You tell them who's boss, Stella!"

"That's right Tucker, don't let the gate hit you in the derriere on the way out."

In the future, I would really appreciate it if mom would consult me before she invites certain guests over. I can't help it if I'm particular about my company.

This entire experience has left me drained and too tired to discuss it any further. Stella, hold me...

Thank you for listening,
Betty the Frenchie. Not to be confused with the beastly English.