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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Betty's 3 month anniversary Gotcha Day

Okay, so it's only been 3 months today since we got Betty. But the parents are most happy about the fact that Betty has also been seizure free for 3 months too. That's a pretty big deal around here.

Mom really got her on the 12th, but since they didn't gets home until after midnight I guess it's officially the 13th, but who's really keepin' track...

When Betty gots here, she was kinda loopy from all her seizure medications. Mom says it's a real balancing act to get just the right amount of medicine to control Betty's seizures, but not makes her stoned like too.

Our super wonderful vet Dr. Stephens researched a better medicine for Betty that wouldn't make her act all loopy like the Potassium Bromide does. It's called Keppra. Now, Betty takes 100mgs less of the PB per day and she's already actin' like a crazy woman! Me and Stella can't imagine how she's gonna be when she's off it.

Whenever we goes to see Dr. Stephens, mom gets leaky just 'cause she's so happy that Betty is feelin' better and behavin' more like a typical Frenchie. We don't know why she get's leaky when she's happy, it's kinda confusin'.

She's a wild woman!

We all loves her, specially mom.

Mom wants to remind everyone how rewarding it is to rescue. So she attached this video our friend sent her. She rescues all kinds of pets but mostly Bichons. Get your tissues ready 'cause it'll make ya leaky!
Lot's of hugs,
 Gunther and Stella


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Betty I would very much like to congratulate you on your Three Month Gotcha and Sickie FREE day!!
I don't know which one makes me the happiest. Well, maybe you wouldn't be sickie free if you hadn't been gotted.
Whichever one I think of I get all happy inside.
Way to go... you LUCKY GIRRRL you!!! You got gotted by GRRRREAT two legger folks. I'm just sayin'.

Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Yeah for Betty!!!

And we love the video rescue it really shows that all animals just want to be loved and share their love with you.

Stubby said...

Hi Gunther & Stella! Betty is the bomb! You are so lucky to have a cool sister like her. Give her a big smooch from me to celebrate her 3 month anniversary!

Stubby xoxo

Unknown said...

We didn't need the video to get all leaky! Our M gets leaky with all rescues especially when there are serious health risks involved, like with Betty. This is all too good. Even the vet looks like a kind human. As for the momma shot...precious. Cheers! To Betty!!! and those you gotcha-her and went the extra mile to make her life even more comfortable. Mwahs

Mollie Jo and Bobo said...

That is a great achivement Betty!!!!! We hope you have many more months of seizure free time!

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

agent99 said...

Yeah Betty! Here's to many more seizure-free months! and lots more cute pictures,

Love Gen & the Foo

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Stella, Gunther & Betty,
Congrets sweet girl on your 3 mons anniversary!!! I am so happy for you, Betty to be seizure free and be with wonderful people. You have it made!!!
Happy for you, Bambi & Fern
ps Bambi was just happy to be warm and in the sun!!!

Hank said...

Betty, honey! Happy anniversary! (In that first pitcher, ya look a little like ME after a night o' poker an' PBR!)

We LUV that vidyuh. Can ya put it on FB sos my mom can share it with 'er peeps?

Unknown said...

Does this mean Betty is going to get even MORE wild?! This should be fun! :p Congrats on the three month gotcha day!

Puglette said...

betty, we are so happy that you found the best forever home. that video did make me weepy. we went to the seattle kennel club show today and saw people from the shelter where we got ollie. we told them all about his happy tail. he is the best dog ever and we are so happy to have rescued him.
big hugs,

Tweedles -- that's me said...

We are so happy for Betty, for so many reasons.
A forever home where she is smothered in kisses and also no seizures. What a wonderful doctor to care so much to help.
My moms went to a rescue last weekend- and they said they would have gotten another Tweedles right then and there- but that was not the way it worked.
They will think some more and try again- but Betty- we are so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Awww...Happy 3 Month Gotcha Day, Miss Betty! You are a Most Lucky girl to live in a home with peoples and other doggies who luvs you so much and want to helps you get all better!

And that video started out Most Sad and then ended up oh-so-happy! Edie is a very lucky pupper, too!

Wiggles & Wags,

Roxie said...

Happy anniversary Betty. Your two-leggers are the best. After visiting with Dr. Stephens the other day, my Dad says he is going to be my regular vet too. I'm glad cause he was really nice. Congrats to Edie for finding a nice Mom and Dad. My Dad is leaking right now so I'd better go give him kisses

Archie and Melissa said...

happy happy anniversary betty!
oh this post made our eyes leaky too!
you have a very special family!
we love you all!
m & e

Dexter said...

Betty! Three months already? Time goes by fast. You are a great addition to the family. Thank you so much for that movie.


Life With Dogs said...

Leaky is right, that was beautiful. Happy anniversary Ms. Betty! :)

GAIL said...

Congrats Beautiful Betty. You are very lucky to have found such a good mom to take care of you.

Paula said...

Betty; We are so happy for you celebrating your 3 mos anniversary in your forever home. Also what a big difference a great vet can make, and how things are improving so much for your health. Awesome!

Ms. ~K said...

I just got caught up on your blog...I missed you all while I was in AK...Today is Buddy's 3 year Gotcha Day!!!!
Hugs and belly rubs,

Kelly said...

Betty makes Momma leak.

Giving the gift of unconditional love to rescue doggies makes Momma leak.

That video made Momma leak.

I think I need to call a plumber. My momma has a leak.

Priscilla said...

Has it been 3 months already? My how time flies. She just seems like she's been your's forever.

And seizure free!

Big hugs to you for doing such a good job. She just needed a little luvin.

Melissa said...

Congrats! Sounds like you have a great life ahead of you Betty!

I will have to mention Keppra to my mom; her chi has seizures and PB makes him fat and lazy. Not good when you are 7lbs!