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Saturday, January 2, 2010

This, that and the other...

After a very relaxing last day of 2009, we were all treated to an incredible sunset.

This time of year, we have the most amazing sunsets. Our summers kinda suck because we get a lot of fog, but from September through January it's absolutely beautiful.

We stayed up as late as we could, but as usual we couldn't make it and went to bed well before midnight.

Stella, Gunther and Betty were sound asleep by 9:00... lightweights! 

 Early New Year's Day, we we were treated to a Skype video call from Guapo's family in Maui! Oh, it brought tears of joy (and a little sadness, I still miss him a lot) to see El Guapo running around. How great is modern technology, eh? He's doing very well and has even managed to lose a few unwanted pounds thanks to the many walks he been taking. Here's a picture of El Guapo with his brother Bryson at the mall.

After a hearty breakfast, we wanted to get started on our plan for a 'New Year for Ms. Betty'.  See, we are her 4th (though forever) home in only 2 years. Betty had her original good-for-nothin' owner, then two foster homes before she made her way here. So she's feelin' a little insecure.  We believe she needs to feel a little protective around every furry person she meets, specially when Stella and Gunther want to say hello. So, after Gunther and Stella made sure she cleaned her bowl, we headed over to Bark Park for a little socializing and confidence building.


Alrighty then, no dirty bowls in this house...

Ohhh, lot's of good smells. Hurry, we wanna go inside!


How am I supposed to protect Stella & Gunther against all those Chihuahuas?  I know I'm not going to have any fun.


Betty, it's fun. Trust me. Is this a face that would lie to you?

Whew,  I didn't get a chance to bust out my camera or video for Betty's first experience at Bark Park. It was a little chaotic. Five chihuahuas, 2 pugs and 1 snarky Frenchie. You do the math.
Next to Stella and Gunther, Ms. Betty doesn't look so big. However, lumbering up to a skinny Chihuahua looking like a razor back and  boofing and spitting like a bear is a whole different story. RUN TACO BELL, RUN! As it turned out, Betty is all boof and no game. That little Chihuahua turned around and gave Betty what for and sent Betty packin', which is exactly what she needed.  Good thing Stella and Gunther were there to make sure Betty still had fun. She eventually warmed up to the dogs in the small dog area. After watching Betty with the other Chihuahuas and observing her as she watched the larger dogs through the fence, we've determined she does a lot of posturing but nothing more. We still want to break her of that since it is a bit unsettling to other dogs and their owner.

Stella is already turning out to be a very patient and supportive sister. The poor thing was so hot and tired after playing at Bark Park, but she still put up with Betty using her a pillow for the ride home. Stella and Gunther have been so great for Betty. I know her transition would not have gone so smoothly if it weren't for them.

We're so thankful for all the friends we've met through our blog.We hope you all have a safe and fruitful 2010!



Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

It sounds like all is going well - we are glad to see that Betty is integrating into your pack.

Happy New Year.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Unknown said...

That last picture of Betty and Stella is priceless. I would say she is fitting in quite nicely!!

Salinger The Pug said...

Oh what SWEET pics!!! We want to kiss Miss Betty's perky ears!

Poor baby...we're glad she's learning the ropes and has her siblings to help her along the way!

We can't wait for pics of El Guapo (the ladies' man! hahahaha!). We bet he's enjoying lots of shave ice treats in sunny Hawaii!


Smushie Ranch said...

Hey St. Pepper.. I mean Sal! I got a picture of El Guapo from his family, so I updated our post.

Hank said...

Stella, honey.....how they heck are ya gonna git those floor nuggets if yer scared of a little dish-clangin'??

We're glad tuh know El Guapo, amigo is doin' well!

Gunther, buddy....kudos tuh you an' Stella, honey fer takin' Betty under yer wing. Er....leg, paw, whutever.

Eduardo said...

Thats one pretty sunset!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

dw said...

Aww, sounds like Betty's fitting in rather nicely. That picture of pillow Stella is adorable! Betty will know that this home is forever and good and loving -- and it comes with terrific food bowls!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

We love that last picture....so adorable!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Two French Bulldogs said...

Thank you for your story. We love those pictures and your new header. How nice you heard from Guapo..
Happy New Year
Benny & Lily

Dog Car Seats said...

It looks likes she has finally found a great home. She will shower you will love and it is always such a joy to see dogs playing together!


Unknown said...

Great story of your trip to Bark Park! Love the pics as always, especially that fabulous new header pic. I love it!! Guapo is looking good eh?

BRUTUS said...

How great!! See, I told you - we Frencheis are all bluff!! Mom will agree that not everyone thinks it's cute when I go after something in a Frenchie Frenzy (there was a handler in a powerchair this weekend at the trial - I was determined to protect mom from that evil machine!) so everyone got to see me play "tough guy". Love how Betty licks her bowl with big, long slurps, even lifting out the bowl! And such teamwork - Gunther checking on top, Stella vacuuming below! Glad you all got to play at the park - the picture of Stella & Betty is great - althought I wish I was the one needing the pillow.... Anyhoo, I can only imagine the sound effects there, snorting from Stella and snoring from Betty! How cute how smushed her mug is!!

Snorts & Frenchie Kisses-

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi my friends
your little excursion sounded a little busy to me. I wonder how I would handle all that? Well, I want to try! I think it just sounds like the perfect day.
See it really all worked out.
Miracles do happen!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Aren't dogs just the greatest things on Gods earth? I think they are anyway!!! I could spent 12 hours aday reading about dogs!!
I enjoy your blog so much! I am glad I found your blog!
I hope you all have the best ever new year!
Kiss the pups for me, Bambi, Happy & Fern

Pugelicious said...

They look like they had an exhausting day. Love that last photo. They did a good job cleaning their bowls.

Priscilla said...

I'm loving hearing about Betty's transition to a normal life. I just can't imagine why people treat animals poorly. Especially when there are so many lovely people ready to give them a wonderful forever home.

Thanks for sharing your love with us

Happy New Year!

ps: One amazing meatball recipe, DONE! Stay tuned.

Unknown said...

Aaah, Stella and Betty together forever. It's happening. It's magic. I've got tears in my eyes. I feel for Betty, I think you realize by now that I have a soft spot for her.
As for your comment on my last post...you made me feel proud! I won't let it get to my head, but I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Maybe we are related :)

Kelly said...

Oh, I just love hearing about Betty's transition into your family. You are so wonderful to address her issues and help her become well-adjusted!

Stella and Gunther are the BEST brother and sister, too!!

Nevis said...

I LOVE Stella's coloring. Is she a brindle pug or a "Bugg"?

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Just came by to say HI !!
Checking in with you. There is no empty bowels in our house either!!
Stay warm, Fern

THE PUGLET said...

Holy cowpies! I totally missed the addition of Betty. Congratulations to all :)

And that last picture?? THE CUTEST EVER.