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Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Pug and New Bark Park

Our friends Oliver and Cindy have been wanting to adopt a couple pugs ever since their lab passed away last October.  We've been searching all over the place for a pugger in need! We started by looking in nearby shelters and contacting our local pug rescue in Santa Barbara, but were sadly disappointed to learn they sent all their foster pugs over 8 hours away to San Diego because they weren't getting enough applications in our area. And many of the other pug rescues usually don't like to place pugs outside of their general area. So... we began searching ads and craigslist for families unable to keep their pug babies. Oi, there's a lot of strange characters out there. And some not so nice people just looking to make a buck.

After months of searching, I came across a very nice couple who is in the military, and unfortunately due to circumstances beyond their control, were unable to keep their 1 year old pug. We all drove about 2 hours up north to meet them and their pug, Wilson. As hard it was for them to say goodbye to their friend, it was also a relief that he was getting a great home with Oliver and Cindy. And, that he would eventually have a buddy (besides Stella, Gunther and Betty that only live 5 blocks away!)

Wilson still has his family jewels. He'll be sayin' buh bye to those in the next few days...

Wilson meeting Betty (he's stunned by her ginormous ears)

Wilson. Puppia harness compliments of Gunther. That's what happens when you get too fat to wear your duds.

Here's Wilson having a good ole time at our brand new Bark Park. He's only been with Oliver and Cindy less than 24 hours and he's already getting along with his family and the pug posse so well.

Speaking of our new Bark Park... Whooo Hooo!

Betty still needs a little convincing she's having fun.

Bruce with our good friend and neighbor Robin. Betty scoping out the action down below.

Robin and Betty's boyfriend, Leroy. He's got a bit of an attitude so his momma has to hold him. It seems fitting Leroy and Betty would be a couple. Kinda like Whitney and Bobby Brown...

Betty wasn't into playing and acting silly all pug like. Someday, Betty...someday.

Myles and Leroy. Robin keeping a short leash on Leroy for when he gets snarky.

Stella and Gunther working off some of that chub.

 We had such a great weekend picking up Wilson and getting him into a new home with a great family. And then playing with Wilson and his family at our new Bark Park. Can't get any better than that.

Sending out California sunshine to all our friends stuck in the snow!
Shannon, lucky mom to
Stella, Gunther and gassy Betty


Dexter said...

What a happy making story! I hope Wilson's new family send lots of photos to his original mom and dad so that they don't miss him too much.

I loved the pug cam in the first movie. Made you all look HUGE.


Pugelicious said...

That is an inspirational story. I pray for their happiness and big Pug hugs to all.

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Great story about Wilson - mom says he is adorable!

That bark park looks like so much fun!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

BRUTUS said...

Oh, Mr. Wilson.... (a la Dennis the Menace) - tha's all mom kept saying while she watched the vids. Such a happy ending for him, feel bad for his humans that thy had to give up such a sweet boy!
Love the video taken from kneecap level - a pug-cam like Mango said! Boy, you have it all out there in CA - dog parks, sunshine in winter, lots of puggies to play with... And here I am up to my armpits in snow (literally) with only labradorks to play with *sigh*. Glad you all had fun! Don't let mom work you too hard Stella, I think I can see a rib showing!!

Snorts & Frenchie Kisses-

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

great happy tale!

Kelly said...

I just LOVE this story! So happy for Wilson and his new family, and I hope his old family can rest assured that they made a wonderful decision on his behalf!

Betty, sweetie, you'll come around to enjoy all of this fun. I just know it!!!


Salinger The Pug said...

HAHAHA! We thought the same thing that Brutus did (Oh Mr. WIIIIIILSON!). We just LOVED this story and hope that Wilson will have his very own bloggie soon to tell his story!

Your bark park is SO COOL! It looks like a blast!

What is your friend Leroy so hot in the @$$ about??? Tell him to chill his puggy butt out!


Priscilla said...

Love your new Bark Park! We are getting a new Bark Park in our city. Right inside our housing track. Like walking distance! We just can't wait for it to open.

Give those adorable poopies a smooch for me.

Unknown said...

You said it best: Whooo Hooo! for Wilson and his family!!! Terribly happy story. Loved it. My family and I applaud all adoptions. Plus Wilson, as we saw on the video, fit right in. What a happy lucky guy. Thanks for this story. As for Betty, perhaps she doesn't feel like joining because of her tummy? You did mention she's been spreading the love, um, diarrhea. Give her a tummy rub from me.

Two French Bulldogs said...

We're likin that story. We love the matinee too. Ugh..something wrong with those ears? BOL
Benny & Lily

Stubby said...

You guys always have so much fun! I'm sure Betty will warm up to all the pugness soon, don't you think? She looks like she's having a great time despite her lack of participation. Maybe she just likes to spectate.

That's so cool that your friends adopted Wilson. Now you have a new puggie to play with at your new park.

Stubby xoxo

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Stella, Gunther, Betty and Mom,
Thanks so much for your flattering
comments!! I had a picture of me and Bruce taken in the 70's and I am wearing clother that I made for myself with out a pattern. That is on only a few posts back. Go back a few post to see my handy work.
Kiss the pups for me, Fern

Tweedles -- that's me said...

That is such a beautiful story about Wilson. We are very happy for him and his new home.
And the good part is also he will have friend to play with!

Unknown said...

That is a nicer Bark Park than Rugby and I have seen before!!

Glad to meet the newbie too!