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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Will Stella & Gunther ever forgive us?

Betty's best effort at trying to get Stella and Gunther to play is sadly going unanswered.

Unfortunately she'll learn it's going to be an up hill battle to get these two fatties off the front porch.


Dexter said...

Oh I feel your pain. My Relentlessly Huge brother thinks just getting out of bed qualifies as an activity. Keep trying. We have to keep our siblings in shape.


Dexter said...

Oops! That was from ME! DEXTER! Not the beastie.


BRUTUS said...

Hey Betty!! Glad to see you lookin' so happy and energetic!! That is an impressive set of ears you were blessed with - so cute how the black one flops around a little when you jump!! Love the part where Gunther turns his back on you, then you go snout him in the butt BOL! Don't worry about my Stella - she's probably just worn out from chasing me in her dreams :) When will the world come to the realization that we Frenchies never rest???


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

BOL silly Betty, don't worry you two she will learn soon :)

Sequoia n Tuni

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Is that true about Frenchies never rest?? Are they real active?? I am loading the video it will take over an hour because I am on dial up. What are you all going to do for Christmas??? We are staying home and I hope Tom will take some time off from work!
Big big bear hugs to all three of you beauties, Bambi and Fern

Ms. ~K said...

Too cute!!! Stella and Gunther are definitely not amused!
I'll send Buddy over to roll Betty around!

Unknown said...

Aww! Rugby will gladly play with you Betty!

I can just imagine what Stella and Gunther are thinking though...
"When do you think she will get it??"
"Should we tell her that he ear is flopping??"

Paula said...

I can just see the looks on Stella and Gunther's faces from the other side "why is she even bother"....lol. Hold strong Betty, we are hoping you win them over.

Hank said...

Bahaha!!! Poor little Betty!

And what the heck is Gunther eating at the end?!

Smushie Ranch said...


BOL! Gunther is gnawing on one of his favorite tasty treats. A wood chip of course! Bahhhh.

Two French Bulldogs said...
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Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL...momma won't stop laughing. Keep trying Betty..hopefully one of the chubbies will give in. Hysterical
Benny & Lily

Unknown said...

BOL! You're so right! Stella and Frankie are living in parallel universes. Frankie's already managed to get Linguini to warm up to her and they occasionally even play together. I can't believe my eyes, really. I've never seen Linguini play like a pup. Hang in there Stella!!!

Nevis said...

Awww! How adorable. Loved the video!