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Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't mind if I do...

Oooo, what is this tasty treat?

Anybody lookin?... 

Chomp.  Nom nom nom.

Yikes! Moms comin! Better go. I faintly remember rule #342 states no eating the plants. 


BRUTUS said...

Frenchies will eat anything that won't eat them, and even some things that will (takes one to know one). Size is irrelevant!! Dryer sheets, socks, underwear are my personal favorites, but anything within reach is fair game for consumption!!

Stella & Gunther, guard those stuffies and keep Henrietta tucked away or she might become an amputee!!

Snorts & Frenchie Kisses-

Unknown said...

Go for it! It is only breaking the rules if you get caught! :p

Two French Bulldogs said...

Yep...we like trying anything. Lily almost swallowed mommas sock. Go figure! Cheese is better.. Careful, I know you are new in town...the puparrazzi are always around!
Benny & Lily

Dexter said...

I think the rule is actually, "don't get caught eating the plants." Hehehe.


Paula said...

Betty you are to adorable. Becareful sweetie, don't let the belly overrule the mind. Somethings are not good to try.

Smushie Ranch said...

Lucky for us, before dad became a winemaker, he was a Horticulturist. So he and mom designed our yard with safe plants and called it Pugtopia. Now we're gonna have to call it somethin' else because of Betty.. BOL!

Stella & Gunther

Unknown said...

Phew! This post had me standing at the edge of my heating pad! OMD I thought you were going to eat that for a minute. I'm really impressed by your self control. Don't do that again, you hear me?