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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Henrietta Rubber Chicken has Arrived

After winning Puglet's 'No Contest' contest, my Henrietta Rubber Chicken was personally delivered all the way from San Frisco. See the smile on our favorite cookie delivery lady? She must know there's a Henrietta Rubber Chicken in that box. Hand it over already! How long are you gonna make a girl wait?

There's a lot of tape on this box ma. Run along now and grab some scissors.

Yeah, umm. Stella had something to take care of so she said I could open the box...

Nice try El Guapo. Beat it!

This here is MY Henrietta Rubber Chicken.
And it will only be opened by me.

Nope, sorry boys. No bully penis things in here. Just my Henrietta. Better luck next time..

*sniff, sniff* Nice fragrance.
Stella, are you sure about Henrietta? Something about that rubber chicken just doesn't look safe and it sounds funny...

You don't know where that chicken has been!

S T E L L A!

You guys can run, but you won't get far with my rubber chicken.

Sorry boys... I know Puglet said Henrietta was big enough to share. But I don't wanna.


Sequoia & Petunia & Emma said...

Stella you look so cute with your new chicken!

Two French Bulldogs said...

BOL.....she is a funny lookin chicken
Benny & Lily

THE PUGLET said...

Ha ha! Glad Henrietta made it. Way to claim her for yourself, Stella. I did that too with our rubber chicken, even though it's really brother Dutch's :)

Tell the boys if Henrietta is too scary to stomp on her a few times and she'll make less noise.