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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Feelin' a Little Blue

Mamma has started packing for El Guapo to be with his family in Hawaii. Two weeks from today, they drive down to a place where there's so many cars on the road it looks like a line of ants. It scurrs me. They'll spend a night with Gramma, then get on a big silver bird and fly over the ocean to where El Guapo's forever family will be waiting.

Notice my big sad eyes?
Of course I'm gonna miss my best buddy, El Guapo Llamas Sanchez Ramon Santuro Hererra Alvarado-Smith.

But what I'm really bummed about,

hold on, gotta make sure you know who isn't coming....

I'm afraid to be left alone with her.

Hola Amigos! Si, it is almost time I leave for my forever home. Today, the doctor stuck a termamater up ma butt, listened to my hart, looked in my ears. All gud. Of course! Then, we went to a place ware papars get sent to Hawaii before I get there. I don ask why. Hawaii has some strange rules. Whateva. All I know is I need a really big suitcase for all my stuff. Where's your tings gonna fit ma?

Most importantly.... Hopefully Stella won't notice.

Sorry El Guapo, buddy ole pal. Stella hasn't taken her paws off Henrietta Rubber Chicken since Puglet sent it to her from Fran Sisco. Look at that death stare. How could you leave me here with her?! I thought you were my friend!

Sloppy kisses from Gunther


Mia said...

We are going to miss El Guapo!!!! We are glad you are going to your forever home, but you will be sorely missed by all!! Enjoy the beach and have a frozen drink for us!! =)


BRUTUS said...

You better hope Bernice has all her papers in order... If not they'll quarantine her! Mom goes to Hawaii, and that's her excuse that I can't come. But hey, if a certain Frenchie could stow away next time, would his sweetie want to meet up there? We could even visit El Guapo... Save travels senor!!

Smushie Ranch said...

Oh Brutus, let mom know that our mom has it all worked out for getting us to Hawaii. She'll email your mom. Then we can all go visit El Guapo for sure!

Hank said...

Gunther, buddy.....don't be scurred. You'll have Stella tuh keep ya company. Uh, wait a minute.....fergit I just said that.

Man, how lucky is ElGuapo, amigo?? He got tuh hang with you all an' NOW he's gonna live on The Big Island! Hope he gets lots o' pineapple an' coconut!

The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

we do not know the whole story here, but pbviously El guapo has found his forever home?? that is always great news! hope you will have periodic updates featuring him when possible! that is what we do with Groucho, the little hound we fostered.

Smushie Ranch said...

Hi Wolfies,

El Guapo has been our foster since June. He stole our hart and is really part of our family now. But he also has a family in Hawaii that's waiting for him. Mom told Guapo's forever family about our blog and that they better keep us all updated about ole El Guapo!

Nevis said...

We'll miss you, El Guapo!!!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ohhhh how sad. Maybe El Guapo will send you a pawstcard
Benny & Lily