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Friday, October 30, 2009

Feelin' good Friday

Hip hip hooray!

Mom is feeling much better! We're convinced all our kisses and snuggling helped mom to pass her kidney stones. Still, mom went straight from bed, to the couch this morning so our job is not quite done.

We also got a great update from Landon's foster mom at Pugs 'N Pals, sounds like he's feeling much better! Thanks to everyone that donated to help with his surgery. You can still get some of those yummy smelling candles through the Yankee Candle fundraiser for Landon's care.

Stella and Gunther

Update from 10/27

"Just got back from Dr. Berry ’s. When I got Landon last Thursday, that good leg was not functioning at all. I started physical therapy on it as well as using a towel for a sling and make him walk back and forth. About 2 days ago he started moving that leg more, though it doesn’t hold him. Dr. Berry said he has an old spinal injury in the T13-14 area. But he is encouraged that with the physical therapy it started to function some. Under normal circumstance Landon would have an MRI and back surgery, but due to the broken leg, Dr. Berry wants to wait. He wants me to continue the physical therapy and bring him back for another evaluation in 2 weeks. If things get worse we would have no choice but to go in for back surgery. But we are trying to see if it can wait till the broken leg heals and then do it. So we will continue doing what we are doing.

Please continue with your prayers and positive thoughts for our beautiful Landon! He was so good during his evaluation. Dr. Berry said “what a fabulous baby” J That is my boy!"

Update from 10/28

"Landon had a follow up appt. today with Dr. R for x-rays. I am happy to say everything looks great and still in place. He couldn’t put a plate on it to keep it in place, instead he wrapped muscle around it and hoped it would hold up for at least a week, and it did!!! He may hate being confined but it is working for his little leg. Doc is happy with how things look. Landon goes back next week for more x-rays, bandage change and stitch removal from his neutering. Every one thought he looked totally different than when he came in. They said “he looks happy”, well of course! He has care for around the clock and daily massages, I would be happy too. When the took him to the back, he looks back at me and starts crying as if to say “MOMMMMMY NO! Don’t let them take me!” He literally threw himself into my arms when they brought him back!! Think someone is getting too spoiled!"


Two French Bulldogs said...

We are glad everyone is feeling better...especially momma since she is in charge of food and treats
Benny & Lily

Mia said...

That's great!!!! We are so glad to hear that Landon is on his way to a full recovery!!!

Glad to hear the momma is feeling better too!!


Unknown said...

This is crazy! I think that the plumbing in utah is the best though.